Sound MIG 3840/T Star Pulse

Sound MIG 3840/T Star Pulse


SOUND MIG 3840/T STAR PULSE (art.387) is an inverter three-phase power source with pulsed synergic operation,intended for professional use, wherever top-quality welding is required along withhigh productivity. It is also a multi-process power source, able to weld in MIG-MAG,TIG (contact ignition with “LIFT” system by Cebora) and MMA mode. It is supplied with integrated torch cooling unit and 4 roller (ø 40 mm) wire feed unit.

The completeness of the control and management of welding variables, with pulsed current, through the control panel, represents a guarantee of the achievement of the desired result on the product, without compromising in terms of quality: the functions can be controlled by the operator from the control panel. The power source provides synergic operation, meaning control of the welding conditions through just one variable, all the others being pre-set by Cebora and dependent on it.

To the power source can also be connected the water-cooled Cebora Push-Pull torch (art. 2008) using the interface kit art. 106.
The power source features a broad range of stored synergic curves representing the most common welding operation conditions; new curves can be added later on by means of a simple upgrade procedure, without any direct intervention on the part of Cebora. On request, the power source can be supplied with the optional “Double Pulse” function. The “Double Pulse” function can also be fitted subsequently.

The extraordinary efficiency of the ventilation of the sub-units allows achieving performance levels in continuous mode only
slightly below those provided at the maximum current (310@100% vs. 380@40%).
The power source is also available in the version with three-phase modular autotransformer 50/60Hz 220/230V (also 200V on request).

Complies with EN 61000-3-12.